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Danceline LA

La's premeir westside dance studio

La's premeir westside dance studio

La's premeir westside dance studio La's premeir westside dance studio

The Danceline LA youth program offers our students a variety of classes to incorporate technique and style.  We pride ourselves with providing the community with professional and friendly environment in which to train in the art of dance.  We offer a registered curriculum, performance opportunities, as well as, hosting birthday parties. 

 We aspire to train our dancers to become well-rounded in many styles including, but not limited to Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, and Tap.  Our faculty is committed to training our dancers professionally and helping them express themselves creatively.

For ages 2 1/2 -18 years, this 36-week program runs from September to June, culminating with an annual recital that takes place at one of Los Angeles most prestigious theatres.

2019/2020 Youth Schedule


4:00-5:00pm- Level 2 Tap/Jazz with Shannon (ages 7-9)                                                              

4:00-5:00pm- Level 4/5 Jazz with Christie  (ages 12+)    

4:15-5:15pm- Level 3 Lyrical with April (ages 9+)                                                   

5:00-6:00pm- Level 4/5 Ballet with Christie  (ages 12+)     

5:15-6:15pm- Level 3 Tap/Jazz with Shannon (ages 9+)                                          


3:45-4:45pm-Level 1/2 Ballet/Jazz with Lauren  (ages 6-8)                                              

4:00-5:00pm- Level 3 Broadway with Caitlin  (ages 10+)                                                                                       

5:00-6:00pm- Level 3 Ballet with Lauren ( ages 10+)                                                    


4:00-5:00pm- Level 1 Ballet/Jazz with Alee (ages 5-6)                                

4:00- 5:00pm- Level 2/3 Hip Hop with Lily (ages 8-10)                               

5:00-6:00pm- Level 2/3 Lyrical with Alee (ages 8-10)                                          

5:00-6:00pm-Level 4/5 Hip Hop with Lily  (ages 12+)                                            


4:00-5:00pm -Level 4 Lyrical with Lauren (ages 10+)                                                       

4:00- 5:00pm- Level 1 Hip Hop with Brandon (ages 5-7)

4:00- 5:00pm- Level 4/5 Tricks/Leaps with Caitlin  (ages 12+)        

5:00-6:00pm- Level 3/4 Hip Hop/Breaking with Brandon (ages 10+)           

5:00-6:00pm- Level 4/5 Improv/Cont with Caitlin (ages 12+ )                                   


Create a Class or Private Lessons Available!


9:15-10:00am -Pre Ballet/Jazz with Hannah G (ages 3-4)                                                 

10:30-11:30am -Level 1 Ballet/Jazz  with Hannah G (ages 5-6)    

10:30-11:30am- Level 6 Advanced Tap with Daralina (invite only)                                      

11:30-12:30pm- Level 1/2 Ballet/Jazz with Hannah G (ages 7-8)                                   

11:30- 12:30pm- Level 4/5 Broadway with Daralina   (ages 12+)                                

12:30-1:30pm- Level 4/5 Hip Hop with Yuki  (ages 12+)                                           


1:30-2:30pm- Ballet Company Class ( Audition Only)

2:30-4:30pm- All Company Rehearsals ( Audition Only)

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