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Danceline LA

La's premeir westside dance studio

La's premeir westside dance studio

La's premeir westside dance studio La's premeir westside dance studio

Danceline LA is excited to launch our new training program for aspiring dancers in Los Angeles.  Our program is a great way to get introduced to the LA area, the dance industry, and meet the right people.  Coming to LA is extremely intimidating.  Our goal is to guide dancers interested in working as professionals  and give them the materials needed to be successful.  Dancers will receive months of training from our amazing teachers and staff. They will also receive performing opportunities, dance workshops, exposure to commercial agents, and a place to call HOME!



Our DLA Training Program is for dancers 18-30 who have an interest in working professionally in the dance industry.  Dancers must be able to commit to at least 10 hours a week ( 8 hours of required classes, and 2 hours a week for rehearsals) to study at Danceline LA.  Our training program allows for dancers to work daytime hours if needed, and be able to train during our evening hours.  We have a group of well rounded and expert teachers who can’t wait to work with dancers who are dedicated, eager, and passionate about dance.


- For students ages 18-30 (ages 16+ OK with parents permission)
- Choose from 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year with the option to extend
- Choose 8 classes weekly from our drop-in schedule.
- Classes are for students at levels Basic through Advanced in a multitude of styles.
- Develop relationships with your teachers through ongoing faculty mentoring—one-on-one sessions providing personal evaluations and       coaching.
 - Performing opportunities
 - Positive and nurturing staff on hand to help guide your studies.


Dancers can join throughout the year!

Working or attending school part-time is acceptable.


Danceline LA has a safe and friendly environment, which is perfect for young dancers coming to LA for the first time. We are dedicated to offering guidance on how to navigate the dance scene and set dancers up for success!  Our teachers will have a more personal connection with our DLA training group to help them network and make amazing connections in the industry.  

Our training program is unique in the sense that we allow students in the training program to work during the day, or even attend school. Our classes are offered during the evening hours, which makes it easy for  almost everyone's schedule!

At the end of your training we also has an added perk of possible opportunities within the Danceline LA Company.  Some students discover that they have a passion for teaching or choreography.  If the shoe fits…the opportunity could be yours to have a job with us. 

We also differ from other training programs by offering dancers who just aren’t ready to leave the nest, to stay with us for as long needed to continue training!



Selected by audition applications, dancers are chosen to become part of the DLA Training Program.  Weekly, it includes up to 8 open classes to choose for your particular schedule,  workshops throughout the year (ex; how to audition). It also includes the opportunity to rehearse and perform.

Please include the following in your application:
    1.    Completed DLATP  Application Form.
    2.    Completed DLATP Health Form signed and stamped by your physician. Both forms are included in the same document.
    3.    Dance résumé detailing previous training and performance experience.
    4.    2 or more professional or personal dance photos that best demonstrate your technical ability and strongest style.
    5.    Short essay stating your dance goals and specifically how you plan to pursue them after your studies at the DLA Training Program.
    6.    Proof of US Citizenship (Copy of US Passport, Drivers License, or photo ID).

Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Danceline LA will notify you via email upon acceptance. You must have a valid email address. If more information is needed, we may ask for videos or letters of recommendation.

Scan and email all documents to info@dancelinela.com, or mail then to:

Danceline LA
3625 Hayden Ave

Culver City, CA 90232


DLA’s Training Program is not accredited, vocational or part of a curriculum. It is not graded and does not issue a degree, academic credit or certification associated with an academic or vocational school.  It does not guarantee professional representation or employment.


Monthly Tuition- $349.00

Tuition is due the 1st of every month. Dancers who are eligible for this program can sign up at any time.

All training program students must commit to at least 3 months, and will have the option to extend.

The performance opportunity is available for all training program students, however your start date may effect when you perform.

Students able to consistently complete their 8 classes per week who would like to take additional classes may do so at a discounted rate.


 Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, OR DISCOVER) accepted. Please write this credit card information on your application form directly or phone us with the information at 310-876-3498.

Make checks/money orders payable to Danceline LA Mail checks/payment information to:
Danceline LA
​Attn: DLA Training program
Shannon or Lauren
3625 Hayden Ave
Culver City, CA 90232

No refunds will be given for any absences not made up during period of study.

A student wishing to withdraw must notify Danceline LA in writing. No refunds will be given for early withdrawal.